Computer Lab Expectations

  1. The rules outlined in the Morrison School Handbook will be followed at all times.
  2. Be in class on time.  Enter quietly and mannerly.  Sit at your assigned station unless otherwise directed by the teacher.  Please do not expect to leave the room to go to your locker or the restroom unless you have an emergency.
  3. Food, candy, gum, and drinks may not be consumed at the computer stations.
  4. At the start of each class, students are responsible for ensuring that their stations are properly equipped.  If anything is missing or malfunctioning, students should inform the teacher immediately or will be held responsible.
  5. Respect the rights of others.  Do not touch other students' computers or belongings.
  6. Only access software, programs, or internet sites which the teacher has specifically directed you to use. 
  7. If you need help, raise your hand.  Please do not call out for help from the teacher.
  8. Do not print anything without permission from the teacher.  Send a print job only once.  If it does not print, let the teacher know.  Students may only print class related items.
  9. Respect the equipment.  Do not download anything without permission.  Do not change any of the settings on the desktop or programs and files in the computer.  Do not connect, disconnect, or move equipment.
  10. Students are not allowed to use the teacher's desk or computer.
  11. Students are not to access non-academic sites such as chat rooms, instant messaging, or other e-mail services.  If you accidentally get into an inappropriate internet site, turn off your monitor and tell your teacher immediately so the URL can be noted.
  12. Leave your station clean.  Before leaving the lab, exit out of any program you are using, push in your chair, and throw away any garbage.  Exit the computer lab quietly and mannerly. 


Internet Safety Links for Parents and Students 

For information on what cyber bullying is, how it works, and how to prevent it, visit STOP Cyber bullying.

To watch age appropriate videos on internet safety and cyber bullying, visit Netsmartz.


Typing Goals for Keyboarding

2nd Grade - 5 WPM

3rd Grade - 10 WPM

4th Grade - 15 WPM

5th Grade - 20 WPM

6th Grade - 25 WPM

7th Grade - 30 WPM

8th Grade - 35 WPM